Single; Annual; Accéder au Contenu; Accéder au Pied de page; ASSISTANCE SERVICES ET ASSISTANCE; ESPACE CLIENT ESPACE CLIENT; Vous êtes ici : Assurances Voyage Loisirs. Notre plate-forme de sinistres en ligne permet à vos clients de créer leur propre compte, déposer leur demande, télécharger la documentation et suivre leur demande en ligne. Canceled bookings due to measures or recommendations by foreign authorities are not covered. Please be aware that any potential refund may be dependent on full payment of the trip prior to travel. In all cases, this requires an “illness” and therefore the incapacity for work to be certified by a doctor. … Find all our advices and guidelines related to the Coronavirus crisis (COVID-19): What consequences for your travel insurance and how to make a claim. Pillar 2 – occupational benefits insurance, Swisscom Mobile phone and tablet insurance, Late submission of loss/damage information, Payment deferral and payment in installments, Parking disc / European accident statement, travel recommendations issued by the FDFA, REPORTING A TRAVEL INCIDENT OR TRAVEL CANCELLATION ONLINE. Nos contrats d’assurance voyage comportent une exclusion qui ne vous permet pas de faire une déclaration de sinistres pour une situation connue avant la souscription d’un contrat d’assurance ou d’une réservation de voyage et qui pourrait donner lieu à un sinistre. Découvrez les Assurances Voyages Optionnelles American Express. EU Air Passenger Rights:  • If your flight is within the EU and is operated either by an EU or a non-EU airline  • If your flight arrives in the EU from outside the EU and is operated by an EU airline  • If your flight departs from the EU to a non-EU country operated by an EU or a non-EU airline Link for EU Air Passenger Rights - Coronavirus: 0142998282. In line with Belgian government requirements, Insurance Europe’s offices are closed until further notice. Your transportation insurance begins as soon as your goods are loaded onto the means of transport or into the container in which they will make the insured journey. Previous Next. Stop all deliveries immediately to areas known to be in lockdown or to destinations where there are handling and shipment problems. In this instance, there is no illness conferring entitlement to benefits under the General Insurance Conditions (GIC). Airlines/package holiday providers may offer you reimbursement through either a voucher or monetary refund. If you made your booking directly with the accommodation provider abroad,  please open a case with the Claims Team. To be covered against business interruption or contingent business interruption losses, there must have been property damage , i.e. Business interruption without property damage is not covered without exception. Any pre-paid excursions or activities purchased prior to your quarantine and which you are unable to undertake will be consider as per the policy limits. If a coronavirus infection has occurred and the insured person has fallen ill and is unable to work, they are entitled to an exemption from contributions. L’Assistance aux personnes couvre les frais de sauvetage et de recherche frais de transport à l’hôpital ou chez le médecin The forwarding agent or carrier is not liable for loss or damage as a result of force majeure. If your trip and policy were purchased prior to 11th March 2020 and you are not travelling against advice from your Country of Residence, Destination or any countries you pass through, then we would consider a claim for an early return and any necessary accommodation costs up to the limit shown in your policy. Easy-to-buy online insurance with AXA. AXA Assurance Maroc a décidé d’apporter une contribution exceptionnelle au Fonds de solidarité dédié à la pandémie du Coronavirus créé par le Roi Mohamed VI. Covid-19 Monitor the COVID-19 Conversation as it Unfolds Explore COVID-19 articles. Please contact your holiday provider in this instance, as your contract of payment is with them. Que vous soyez titulaire ou non d'une Carte American Express. AXA customers can also call the emergency call center if a coronavirus infection is suspected. The following applies to benefits in connection with the coronavirus: If you have any questions about your insurance coverage with AXA Healthcare, our Customer Service would be happy to help you at 0800 888 999. However, the foundation will reduce its pension benefits to the same extent if the AHV/IV reduces, withdraws or withholds a benefit because the eligible person has caused the death or disability through gross negligence (section 35.3 of the pension fund regulations). Please contact our Claims team to discuss the cancellation of your trip. Get a quote today! AXA supports the policyholder in defending against unjustified claims. If the FCO or other government agency have advised against all but essential travel, but have also said domiciled residents aren't required to come home immediately, you can continue your trip as planned, your policy will remain in force. We will continue to cover all valid medical claims caused by coronavirus if you're travelling to an area where no regulatory advice against travel is in place. If your trip and/or policy was booked after 11th March, you will not be covered. Anyone who contracts coronavirus and for this reason cannot depart on or continue a trip is in any event covered by Intertours travel insurance (additional costs incurred for the return trip, accommodation and meals in the case of an unexpected stay, up to a maximum of CHF 1,000 per insured person as well as any cancellations in accordance with the GIC). Dans plusieurs pays, nous avons apporté un soutien supplémentaire aux personnels de santé, notamment à Hong Kong, où nous avons mis en place un service d'assistance téléphonique 24 heures sur 24 et un service d'assurance santé simplifié, ou en Belgique, où nos services de télémédecine ont été étenduspour répondre aux besoins de nos clients et apporter un soutien supplémentaire aux professionnels de santé. For longer stopovers or interim storage, the insurance cover can be extended against payment of an additional premium in consultation with AXA. If you are dissatisfied with the voucher they have been offered, you are entitled to refuse this with  the airline and/or tour operators obtain a monetary refund. Please refer to the FOPH website to find out more about the countries and territories currently affected. Unfortunately, as the Travel provider has settled the contract with you, there is no further payment due. Check whether the goods can be resold elsewhere (particularly fresh produce). In that case, there is no entitlement to any exemption from contributions. Legal answers to questions concerning coronavirus, such as rights of employees and obligations of employers, but also to other legal matters, can be found on our blog. Please contact our Claims team to discuss the cancellation of your trip. You can make a claim online or via email as follows: -  Visit  our online claims page or send an email to Assurance voyage : Axa Partners conclut un nouveau partenariat. What is essentially covered and what benefits will AXA pay? You should seek a refund from the tour operator, travel and accomodation provider in the first instance and provide details of their response as part of your claim. Many of our customers apply entirely online, while others prefer the combination of our digital guidance and our on-demand licensed … Please note: There is updated information regarding COVID-19 and insurance coverage you may have on your Card. If a country imposes entry restrictions (closed borders, quarantine) up to a stipulated date, we will cover the cancellation costs of travel departing up to this date. The General Insurance Conditions, cover and exclusions may vary depending on the version of your insurance product. AXA Home insurance that's tailored to suit your needs . If you bought your policy prior to 11th March 2020, we can consider your claim. AXA MOTORBIKE INSURANCE tailor-made to your needs. We paid over £855 of customers’ travel insurance claims in the last year *. If you have legal questions or would like to report a legal case, please contact AXA-ARAG please contact AXA-ARAG by e-mail to or via online request form. ... Si vous détenez un contrat de Prévoyance … It is important for us to give you answers on this page. Closure or quarantining of businesses or parts of businesses, Removal or processing of contaminated or potentially contaminated goods, Individual ban on activities by persons working in a business, Ban on supplying the policyholder’s customers, Closure of third-party businesses that supply or accept goods (contingent business interruption), Declaration of a particular municipal area as a restricted area. There are specific perils listed in your policy for coverage and we would recommend you check this to see if your claim falls within those perils. In the first instance you should contact the property owner or booking agent. Please check individual Government websites and the World Health Organization (‘WHO’) to access the latest information about the situation: They should provide a voucher or refund. Assurances Voyages Court Séjour ... Vous pouvez souscrire votre … AXA use of cookies We use necessary cookies to make our website work. If required, private customers with no legal protection insurance with AXA-ARAG may take advantage of a fee-based one-off consultation at Market turbulence is also a chance to source earnings opportunities, as buying prices are low (average price effect). Please contact our Claims team to discuss the cancellation of your trip. We use cookies and analysis tools to improve your user experience, to personalize advertising by AXA and our advertising partner companies, and to provide social media functions. Souscrivez en ligne votre assurance voyage pour vos séjours de moins de 3 mois en France et à l'étranger avec l'assurance Voyageo d'AXA. If you wish to come home early, please tell us why so that we can consider if your claim. Or was your flight canceled? You can make a claim online or via email as follows: -  Visit  our online claims page or send an email to Back to top. At Assurance, we start by determining your insurance needs as well as the coverage you'll qualify for based on a variety of factors including your age, health, and enrollment periods. What rights and obligations do you have as an employee, will you still be paid in an emergency and can you refuse to go on a business trip? Agence AXA International will remain open as normal during lockdown, however the agency will be closed to visitors. ... Coronavirus (COVID-19) and travel - Need to know before you buy. How to find easy keywords. Registered Office 10/11 Mary Street, Dublin 1, Ireland. The Covid-19 situation is constantly evolving. If your trip and policy were purchased prior to 11th March 2020, providing you haven't travelled against regulatory advice, if you are quarantined abroad due to Medical or Government advice beyond your Return Date you will be covered for accommodation costs up to the limit shown in your policy. Registered in Ireland no: 426087 Authorised by The Central Bank of Ireland. Generally, the following applies: Based on the travel recommendations issued by the FDFA, AXA covers the cancellation costs of vacations in and travel to countries that are subject to travel restrictions/travel warnings 30 days prior to the start of your trip at the earliest. This information is for residents of the EEA, excluding Ireland and the United Kingdom. CORONAVIRUS (Covid-19) | Informations importantes concernant la pandémie de coronavirus . travel insurance, motor insurance, personal accident insurance, health insurance etc. Souscrire par téléphone. If you have cancelled your trip, please speak to your Tour Operator or Travel operator regarding a refund. Based on the travel recommendations issued by the FDFA, AXA covers the cancellation costs of vacations in and travel to countries that are subject to travel restrictions or travel warnings. Even if coronavirus spreads quickly, you cannot simply work from home. If I receive the Covid test result before travel but it is inconclusive, would I be covered to cancel the trip? by the employer, and is therefore unable to work (purely preventive measure), AXA does not pay any daily benefits. Unlike an epidemic event, a pandemic is a cross-border and cross-continent event declared by the World Health Organization (WHO). Your insurance will only consider costs which are both explicitly excluded in your booking agreement and which are covered in your policy. Unfortunately, your policy does not cover disinclination to travel. If you have legal questions or would like to report a legal case, please contact AXA-ARAG by e-mail to or via online request form. 1.9% * of our travel insurance policy holders needed to make a claim in the last year, with an average claim pay out of £855 *. L'assurance voyage : toutes nos offres. Please click “Find out more” below for detailed … In this way, we want to give you peace of mind. If you would like to change your settings, please use an up-to-date browser. If your trip meets these conditions and you cannot depart on your trip due to COVID-19 restrictions, then Intertours will cover the cancellation costs. If there has been infection with coronavirus and the insured person falls ill and is unable to work, the insured benefits are paid. Supplementary insurance benefits in connection with epidemics or pandemics are generally excluded in the General Insurance Conditions (GIC) of AXA Healthcare. - this needs to go back in to the package and independent booking advice. Please get in touch with your customer advisor if you have any queries. AXA also classifies the case as inability to work if an infected insured person without any symptoms of illness is placed in quarantine and is unable to work. If your policy contains an applicable special condition, AXA can only provide indemnity if you cannot participate at a regular trade fair or exhibition or can only do so on a limited basis or if you incur additional costs because your goods arrive at the exhibition site damaged or delayed, or do not arrive at all or only in part. For bookings made in the UK, or with a UK agency, you may follow CMA guidelines and make a complaint with them. Coronavirus and any incapacities to work or closure of businesses due to that virus are not covered, as there has been no property damage. If you accept the vouchers but do not them use them in the period for which they are valid, then you cannot claim this cost from the insurance policy. Visit  our online claims page or send an email to As such we can’t … 8 Search Popularity. As the product names states, epidemic insurance is intended to protect against the financial risks of an epidemic. Claims are limited to the maximum sum mentioned in the policy. We'd also like to use analytics cookies to help us enhance the performance of the website. AXA offers private individuals and companies insurance cover for legal disputes concerning coronavirus under the applicable General Insurance Conditions (GIC). Please refer to the FDFA website and FOPH website to find out more about the situation currently applicable to your destination. If unsure, you can register a case with us and we will assess your reasons for cancellation in line with terms and conditions. Visit our online claims page or send an email to Present in 57 countries, AXA's 160,000 employees and distributors are committed to serving our 108 million clients. Entitlement to an exemption from contributions. Assurance Voyage ... Information épidémie Covid-19 : En savoir plus sur nos couvertures. Click here for questions on travel insurance: The current situation is presenting us all with new challenges and raising many questions. Seguro de Viaje Schengen para los Países Bajos a partir de 0,99€ al día! Travel warnings or entry restrictions for the destination country were issued by the FOPH/FDFA and in place at the time you booked the trip or it is apparent when the trip starts that travel warnings or restrictions will be issued. If you are still abroad, please contact your 24-hour medical assistance team for guidance by calling the number on the back of your card. You will have to provide the reason for your claim and further supporting documents so that we can assist you further. Competitive Analysis, Marketing Mix and Traffic . Please all follow government guidance and stay safe. Take full advantage of adapted medical coverage that meets all of your needs, whenever you happen to be in the world. a risk such as fire, water or theft must have materialized. 8 Relevance to this site. There may be optical and technical problems. They will advise you. All medical benefits and benefits prescribed by a doctor – such as a hospital stay due to the coronavirus – are generally covered by basic insurance. Please refer to your Terms & Conditions for your policy limit. We are keeping a close eye on developments and are on hand to provide our customers with the assistance they need. Visit  our online claims page or send an email to You will need to contact the Travel provider again to discuss the voucher expiry. Cancellations due to the coronavirus will no longer be insured for those taking out our travel insurance from March 13, 2020, unless the policyholder contracts the coronavirus and for this reason cannot depart on their trip or continue it. ... le point sur le coronavirus. The situation surrounding the coronavirus is constantly changing, and very rapidly in some cases, depending on the number of cases/new infection rates in individual countries. If they refuse to refund, we will require your full booking terms and conditions, including a letter from them confirming why they will not refund. Coverage for loss events prior to this reference date will be assessed based on individual contractual provisions. But the condition for this is that there must always be an “illness” and that inability to work is certified by a doctor. If you have any questions about travel cancellations or travel incidents, please contact the hotline: tel. If your trip and policy were booked before 11th March,  if your airline or travel provider cannot book you on a later flight, we may be able cover an alternative flight under the Terms and Conditions. Further information can be obtained during office hours by calling +41 58 215 32 20. Please wait to see how the situation develops. Visit  our online claims page or send an email to For full details, please refer to your policy wording. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Assurés - FAQ - Voyage | SSQ Assurance th en. Chez AXA, l'impact sur la gestion des supports en euros est limité grâce à : un horizon d'investissement de long terme ; une allocation majoritaire en actifs obligataires (supérieure à 80 % des actifs) ; ... au Brexit et au risque de deuxième vague du Coronavirus, les équipes ont été de nouveau amenées à réduire légèrement l’exposition aux actifs risqués. Covid-19 has accelerated existing trends towards digitalisation. ... AXA Partners Belgium ... le leader mondial de l'assistance et de l'assurance voyage. ABTA - EU Air Passenger Rights - Coronavirus:  Package Regulations: You are using an outdated browser. Did you want to travel to the European Football Championships or the Olympic Games? If your trip and/or policy was booked after 11th March, you will not be covered, If your trip and policy were purchased prior to any non-travel advice in your Country of Residence, then we would consider a claim up to the limit shown in your policy if your policy supports trips within your home country. New India Voyage Insurance covers the vessel for a particular voyage from one port to another port. ... Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

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